Personal data
Palce of birth
Academic degree    

German (with a Swiss C permit)
Lucerne (Switzerland)
Dr. sc. nat. ETH (equivalent to Ph.D.)
dipl. math. (equivalent to M.Sc.)

Present position
2008-...  Scientist / biomathematical modeller at the Department of Research, University Hospital Basel.

Education & Training
2005-07  Research associate at Transplantation Virology, Institute for Medical Microbiology, University of
               Basel, with Prof. Hans H Hirsch.
               Focus: Infection dynamics in immunocompromised transplant patients
2003-05  Post-doctoral fellow with Vincent A. Jansen, Mathematical Biology Collective, Royal Holloway,
               University of London, UK. FP6: MEIF-2004-501039, project acronym INTRAHOSTDYN
               Focus: Spatial infection dynamics in vivo (metapopulation dynamics) and disease persistence
1998-02  PhD student with Sebastian Bonhoeffer, Integrative Biology, and Paul Schmid-Hempel, Experimental
               Ecology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich.
               1999-2001 Stay at the Friedrich Miescher Institute, Novartis Research Foundation, Basel.
               PhD thesis on HIV dynamics in vivo (ETH Diss-No. 14967)
1991-98  Studies in Mathematics, Astronomy & Immunobiology, University of Zurich.
               Emphasis on theoretical / quantitative immunology & space biology
               1996-97 MSc thesis at the Institute of Experimental Immunology, University Hospital Zurich
1989-91  Matura (GCE A-levels) in economics at AKAD adult evening school, Zurich
1984-88  Apprenticeship in micro electronics at Roche Diagnostics, Rotkreuz

Research grants from the Novartis Foundation
Stipend from the Ausbildungsstiftung für den Kanton Schwyz
Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship of the European Commission
SNF fellowship for prospective researchers, Swiss National Science Foundation

A full CV is available on request.


In analogy to Keplers 'harmony of the celestical spheres' or little melodic motives frequently used in baroque music, e.g. Bachs beautiful two part inventions, one could 'compose' a melody based on viral load dynamics to bring the otherwise concealed infection processes to the attention of infected individuals.